SEMINAR „Erbil History, Archaeology, Arts and Architecture“

PD Dr Arnulf Hausleiter (Orient Dept.) and colleagues report on an archaeological survey in Erbil in a bi-monthly online seminar on Erbil History, Archaeology, Arts and Architecture, organised by the Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo) and the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH).

In collaboration with Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo), University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) is hosting online bi-monthly seminars on Erbil History, Archaeology, Arts and Architecture starting on Thursday November 26, 2020. The seminars will continue throughout the academic year of 2020-2021.


Title : The Archaeology and Ancient History of the Citadel of Erbil
Time: 12 PM MEZ (2:00 PM Erbil Time)
Abstract : This talk centres on the archaeology and ancient history of the Citadel of Erbil. We prepare the ground with an overview of our knowledge of Erbil as presented in cuneiform texts ranging from the third to the first millennium BC. This leads on to the assessment of the archaeological potential of the Citadel mound which in their turn formed the basis for the proposals for archaeological investigation formulated as part of the Master Plan for the Citadel. The results of the previous, limited investigations on the Citadel are then examined. This is the background for the presentation of the recent excavations carried out on the Citadel by the HCECR. The results of these operations are discussed, together with the implications for our understanding of the history of the city and the archaeology of the mound.

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Title : Archaeological survey in the city of Arbil
By Arnulf HAUSLEITER, Karwan A. M. AMIN & Pshtiwan A. IBRAHIM
Time: 1 PM MEZ (3:00 PM Erbil Time)

Abstract : Since 2015 a team of the Erbil Department of Antiquities (DoA) and the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) has been systematically investigating the city area of Arbil by means of surface survey. The project aims at contributing to the reconstruction of settlement history, distribution patterns and space use of the area surrounding the citadel which may have been the ancient lower town. Surface material is mainly characterized by ceramics among which Iron Age and early to middle Islamic shapes and fabrics dominate. This general evidence has been confirmed by various salvage excavations by local teams and by the 2009-2012 excavations of DAI and DoA in Arab Kon. Until now, the area within the 30 m-Road has been fully investigated, indicating remains of ancient mounds at several locations. These features need to be analyzed in the context of the topographic palimpsest of modern Arbil and of reconstructions of the
fortifications of Arbil.

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