It’s our birthday!

On 21 April 1829 an international group of friends made up of antiquaries and archaeologists founded the Instituto di Correspondenza Archeologica on the Capitol in Rome. As the name suggests, the Instituto was established as the nodal point in a network of correspondents across Europe. Their aim was to document classical monuments and objects of all kinds and to make them accessible to a wide public through publications. This early form of communicating scientific information is a tradition still continued at the DAI.

From 1835 to 1877 the collection and the library of the new Instituto were housed in Casa Tarpea on the Capitol in Rome (D-DAI-ROM-55.527R)

Today the DAI is a worldwide network of international and interdisciplinary corresponding members, and publicizes its research also via modern social media. Reason enough for us to celebrate our birthday here. So come with us over the next 190 days (22 April – 27 October) as we visit the DAI’s operational bases, fascinating sites and ongoing projects, old archaeological sites and new discoveries!

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