Welcome to a blog of the Athens department of the German Archaeological Institute in view of its 150th anniversary in 2024

  • Georgios Paraskevopoulos
    In addition to Angelis Kosmopoulos who was among other things famous for his beard and fustanella, there was another Greek foreman who played an important part in the early excavations … Read More
  • Hildegund Gropengiesser (1928–2019)
    Hildegund Gropengiesser (*Jan. 15th 1928, †June 16th 2019) was one of the first female German archeologists to participate actively in field campaigns in Greece. She witnessed the reopening of the … Read More
  • Heinrich Schliemann (1822–1890)
    Heinrich Schliemann (1822–1890) and the DAI Athens Heinrich Schliemann, whose two-hundredth birthday was celebrated earlier this year (* Jan. 6, 1822; † Dec. 26, 1890), was important to the German … Read More