Welcome to the blog of the Athens department of the German Archaeological Institute in view of its 150th anniversary in 2024.


  • Georgios Paraskevopoulos
    In addition to Angelis Kosmopoulos who was famous for his beard and fustanella, there was another Greek foreman who played an important part in the early excavations of the DAI Athens: Georgios Paraskevopoulos. He, too, was known for his unique, … Read More
  • Eugen Petersen (1836–1919)
    The classical archaeologist Eugen Petersen is known primarily as the long-serving director of DAI Rome. His name is not, however, necessarily associated with the DAI Athens: a good reason to remember him here and recount his time at the Athenian … Read More
  • Angelis Kosmopoulos
    “Everyone who has ever been involved with the German Institute and its work knows this man” This entry is dedicated to Angelis Kosmopoulos, a Greek who helped shape the image of the German Archaeological Institute at Athens for decades. The … Read More