Welcome to a blog of the Athens department of the German Archaeological Institute in view of its 150th anniversary in 2024

  • Eugen Petersen (1836–1919)
    The classical archaeologist Eugen Petersen is known primarily as the long-serving director of DAI Rome. His name is not, however, necessarily associated with the DAI Athens: a good reason to … Read More
  • Angelis Kosmopoulos (c.1843–1937)
    “Everyone who has ever been involved with the German Institute and its work knows this man” This entry is dedicated to Angelis Kosmopoulos, a Greek who helped shape… Forthcoming
  • Georgios Paraskevopoulos
    In addition to Angelis Kosmopoulos, famous for his beard and fustanella, there was another Greek foreman who played an important part in the early excavations of the DAI … Forthcoming