Day 31 The Qaṣr al-ʿAẓm in Hama

Situated in the centre of the provincial capital of Hama is the palace of the ʿAẓm family (Qasr al- ʿAẓm in Arabic). The palace is one of the most significant official residences of the late Ottoman period in Syria. It consists of 70 rooms ranged around three courtyards.

Ceiling with gilded wood carvings an paintings (Photo: Irmgard Wagner, DAI Damascus)

Room No. 60, on the first floor and adjoining the third courtyard, is notable for its exceptionally rich interior décor and was one of the principal reception rooms in the palace. Its coffered ceiling consists of a rectangular central field containing gilded wood carvings on a dark green ground. Between ceiling and walls is a cornice with concave mouldings and painted townscapes on a gold ground.
The Damascus Branch of the DAI examined the building in the years 2005-2008 and produced comprehensive photographic documentation.

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