Day 53 The Oppidum of Manching

The major Celtic settlement (oppidum) of Manching near Ingolstadt is considered one of the largest Celtic settlements north of the Alps. It was established in the 3rd century BC and existed until 50 to 30 BC. In its heyday, 5,000 to 10,000 people lived within the city wall, which had a length of about 7.2 kilometers.

Hippocampus from Manching (Photo: J. Bahlo, DAI RGK)

From 1956 to 2016, the DAI’s Romano-Germanic Commission (RGK) examined the oppidum of Manching, which is now one of the most extensively researched Iron Age settlements in central and northern Europe. Now almost 10% of its 380-hectare interior has been covered, and the majority of the remaining, now undeveloped areas has been geophysically prospected. The intensive archaeological research and publications by the RGK on Manching are fundamental to European Iron Age archeology.

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