Day 75 Geomagnetic survey work in Falbygden

The plateau of Falbygden in Västergötland, south-western Sweden, is the location of some 250 passage graves – a special form of Neolithic monolithic tomb. Such a concentration of passage graves is unique, not only in Sweden. The Stone Age landscape of Falbygden has been explored for over three decades by the Swedish archaeologist Karl-Göran Sjögren (Göteborg University). The collaborative project he initiated with the Roman Germanic Commission uses remote sensing and prospecting methods to investigate the archaeology of the landscape.

The plateau of Falbygden, Sweden, with the village of Karleby in the foreground. Round the edges of valleys near Karleby are the remains of Stone Age settlements. Many passage graves are to be found on the limestone plateau behind the village (Photo: K. Rassmann, DAI RGK)

The project was carried out in October 2018 and commenced with magnetic prospecting of a transect of the south-west plateau from Alleberg to the village of Karleby, covering 70 hectares. This led to the discovery of the remains of destroyed graves and of settlements from the Stone Age and later periods.

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