Johny Isla: “Many thanks for fruitful cooperation in Peru”

Congratulations for 190 years of research! At this point we would like to emphasize that during the work carried out in Palpa, cooperation relations were intensified between the Commission for Archaeology of Non-European Cultures and the Instituto de Estudios Arqueológicos Andinos as well as the Ministry of Culture in Peru. On the basis of these institutional relations it was possible to undertake coordinated efforts to research, protect and preserve Peruvian cultural heritage, in particular the rich cultural heritage of the provinces of Nasca and Palpa.

(Johny Isla, Peru)
Corresponding member of the DAI

Markus Reindel, head of the South America unit of the KAAK, with his long-time Peruvian collaborator Johny Isla in Nasca–Palpa (Photo: DAI KAAK)