Day 33 The Islamic country estate al-Rummaniya near Córdoba

The Islamic garden palace al-Rummaniya is an example of the continuity of the classical villa tradition in the Islamic Middle Ages, and was still in use as a summer residence in the 20th century. Part of the villa landscape around Córdoba, it extends over four terraces with a total area of approx. 4.5 ha. The three lower terraces were used as gardens.

Reconstruction of the hall (Modell: Felix Arnold, DAI Madrid)

In collaboration with Spanish partners, the DAI Madrid has been examining the villa’s construction and design since 2006. This involves conducting comprehensive structural analysis on the still visible wall remains as well as pointwise excavations. One focus of the work is investigating the irrigation system and plant cultivation in the villa’s gardens.

Part of the former garden wall (Photo: John Patterson, D-DAI-MAD-DG-32-07-1285)
Excavations in the garden of al-Rummaniya (Photo: Felix Arnold, DAI Madrid)

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