Day 55 143 Years of the Athener Mitteilungen

In 1876 the first volume of the bulletin of the DAI department in Athens was published with a broad spectrum of articles: major figures such as Theodor Mommsen, Ernst Curtius, and Habbo G. Lolling published their work in it.

Volumes 1 zo 4 (Photo: U. Schulz, DAI Athen)

The table of contents lists as the first article by Otto Benndorf, “Notes on Greek Art History I–III.” Benndorf was later (1898) the first director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute after being a major proponent of its establishment. His brother was married to Anna Maria von Zabern, who belonged to the Mainz publishing family whose company Philipp von Zabern published volumes 112 to 125 of the bulletin, and which today is an imprint of the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft in Darmstadt. Preparations are under way for volume 134 of the Athener Mitteilungen!

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