Day 69 Pre-Hispanic settlement on the Caribbean coast of Honduras

The archaeological site of Guadalupe is situated in a little investigated region on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. The settlement dates from the Cocal Period (1000–1500 AD). A platform excavated in its centre was shown to have enormous heaps of large potsherds in its upper layers, which are probably the remains of ritual actions. In the lower sections of the excavated trench a dense sequence of settlement layers was documented.

Aerial photo of modern Gualalupe (Photo: Markus Reindel, DAI KAAK)

The fundamental research project is being carried out by the DAI’s Commission for Archaeology of Non-European Cultures. Since 2016, it has helped research pre-Hispanic settlement history at the junction of Meso-America and South America,  and reconstruct the cultural and commercial networks of pre-Hispanic times.

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