Colloquium at the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Cologne

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Colloquium at the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology of the University of Cologne

The Department of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Cologne invites you to its colloquium on Thursdays at 6 p.m. (CEST/after 31 Oct. CET) again this winter semester. Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Wotzka (SPP-Project Archaeology and Palaeoecology of the Inner Congo Basin) and his team have put together an exciting programme consisting of current theses of the Institute and research reports by international scientists.

Papers will be presented on various regions in the sub-Saharan part of the African continent, the focus area of the SPP “Entangled Africa”. In fact, some SPP members are among the presenters: on 16.12. Jana Eger-Karberg (SPP project InterLINK) together with Dr. Tim Karberg (DFG project Wadi Abu Dom Investigations) will present their results on remote sensing and landscape archaeology in Sudan; Prof. Dr. Sonja Magnavita from the programme commission will talk about her research in West Africa on 04.11.2021. The lectures will offer new and interesting reflections and suggestions on the interconnectedness of Africa’s pre-colonial communities, which can then be discussed with the respective scholars.

The lectures will be held in English or German. Thanks to the online format, interested parties from all over the world can participate. The latest list of lectures and the access data can be found on the Institute’s homepage at:

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