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This year’s short field campaign in Neolithic Ba’ja, Jordan, with ex oriente e. V. produced exciting findings. Excavations in one of the larger rooms helped clarifying structures belonging to a multiple burial and revealed another juvenile individual with a few but unique beads and pendants. A film team led by Barbara Puskás (@ORF/@ARTEpresse) accompanied the excavation for an authentic documentation of the recent campaign and the reconstruction of an extraordinary child burial found in Ba’ja in 2018. The burial was reconstructed in a cooperation project with the Yarmouk University and is now on display in The Petra Museum, Wadi Musa, together with the impressive necklace of the 8 years old child, reconstructed by Hala Alarashi, IMF-CSIC Barcelona, Alice Costes and Andrea Fischer, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. Watch here.

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