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The Human Bioarchaeology Unit of the Division of Natural Sciences of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is organising an online conference about long-term perspectives on climate change and climate crisis, from the point of view of those who saw it happening in the past, and of those that see it happening today.

This online event intends to promote a global perspective on how local changes in climatic conditions affected human adaptive strategies, and were triggered by them.

A key place in the debate will be occupied by bioarchaeological sciences, and particularly by those focused on human osteoarchaeology. Yet, multidisciplinary contributions will play a crucial role in outlining wider narratives and bridging past and present of climatic changes.

Climate has shaped our life and it has been shaped by it. Globally as well as locally.

Join our meeting, let’s talk together about what bioarchaeological assemblages can teach us on today’s climate crisis.


The following sessions are planned:

1) Threatened Bioarchives: Climate Change and (Bio)Cultural Heritage

2) From climate riders to climate refugees: Climate Change and Human Evolution

3) Under the Weather: Climate Change and Human Health

4) Rising Temperatures and Rising Tensions? Climate Change and Violence


Stay tuned for the Call for Papers on Monday, 8th of November 2021.

You already have an abstract no longer than 300 words that you want to send in? Then you can contact: BioarchClimateConference@dainst.de

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