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Members of the Human Bioarchaeology Unit participated in a workshop to discuss different methods of age estimation and sex determination in subadults on the base of a collection of identified subadult skeletons. The workshop was held by the AG Freiberufliche Osteoanthropologen (AFOA, WG Freelance Osteo-Anthropologists) in Göttingen on November 12th – 13th.

In the theoretical part two presentations were held: one on deficiency diseases by Julia Gresky and one on inflammatory processes by Jan Novacek. The collection was introduced by Bettina Jungklaus: Several subadult skeletons of different age classes from a family burial from the 17th/18th century in Wolfenbüttel exhibited many diseases, mainly of deficiency and inflammatory origin. Furthermore, specific epigenetic traits appeared to be particularly common within this family. The historic records enabled a solid assignment of the skeletons to known members of the family. Age estimation and sex determination were undertaken based on different methods, which were then discussed and compared to the records.

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