Promoting early career scientists and cultural preservation in Tunisia

The DAI has been working successfully and in close cooperation with colleagues in the countries of North Africa for decades. Tunisia in particular is an important partner country here. This cooperation has intensified especially since the “Arab Spring”. In order to strengthen the democratic processes in the country, the Federal Foreign Office launched the transformation partnership with the countries of North Africa, through which archaeological projects in the areas of training (capacity building on site and research grants) and the conservation and development of cultural monuments (“Mise en valeur”) have also been funded to a significant extent since 2012.


Dr. PhdD. Stefano Cespa


Prof. Dr. Ortwin Dally


Dr. Camilla Colombi


Figure captions

Fig. 1  Disussion of excavation strategy and documentation in Abbir Cella [Copyright DAI Rome]

Fig. 2 Construction of the fence and site work during the creation of the Didon Quarter Archaeological Park, Carthage [photy by R. Bockmann]

Fig. 3 Construction of the museum in the Didon Quarter Archaeological Park, Carthage [photy by R. Bockmann]

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