Connecting Foodways

Fig. 1 Sorghum, a locally domesticated crop, is the most important staple food in Sudan Fig. 2 Cooking millet porridge involves several steps, which are often performed jointly by women Fig. 3 Sherds of Iron Age cooking pots sampled for Organic Residue Analysis Fig. 4 Examples of early Iron Age cooking pots, showing great similarities […]

Planet Africa

Planet Africa – Archaeological Time Travel Meeting with Wazi Apoh at the KAAK Thematic modules of the Planet Africa exhibition African artists created illustrations for every thematic module “Planet Africa” is being created under the direction of Jörg Linstädter in collaboration with Gerd-Christian Weniger (University of Cologne), Wazi Apoh (University of Ghana) and the MVF, […]


Edo|cation: Capacity Building and Research in Nigeria After previous talks between Nigerian and German delegations on the restitution of the so.called “Benin Bronzes”, the work of the project “Edo|cation”, initiated by the Commission for Archaeology of Non-European Cultures (KAAK) at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), begun with funding from the German Federal Office in 2022. […]