The Tepe Telegrams

The Tepe Telegrams brings you news and insights from our research at the prehistoric settlement of Göbekli Tepe (Şanlıurfa) undertaken the frame of the DFG (German Research Foundation) long-term project The Prehistoric Societies of Upper Mesopotamia and their Subsistence.

Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018, Göbekli Tepe (10th-9th millennium BC) is best known for its impressive limestone monolithic T-shaped pillars, some of which are decorated with a rich repertoire of animal representations and symbols. Attributed to the earliest (aceramic) Neolithic period, when the hunter-gatherer societies of Upper Mesopotamia were slowly transitioning to farmers, Göbekli Tepe is providing important insights into changing lifeways and worldviews at this time.

Although Tepe Telegrams has not been updated for a while, we are currently preparing new materials for a relaunch in the coming weeks. Watch this space!