Lecture Announcement: Recent Developments at the Early Neolithic Site of Göbekli Tepe, Sanliurfa Province, SE-Türkiye

Research Cluster 1 “Neolithic Worlds” Lecture Series In the frame of our newly initiated lecture series, DAI-Research-Cluster 1 “Neolithic Worlds” is pleased to announce a public (online) lecture by Dr. Lee Clare (DAI Istanbul) Image: L. Clare THURSDAY 23rd November 2023, 17:00 hrs (Berlin) / 19:00 hrs (Istanbul) Recent Developments at the Early Neolithic Site […]


NENA – Near Eastern Neolithic Architecture

The study of Neolithic Architecture An initiative for interdisciplinary research and exchange of knowledge on Neolithic architecture in the Middle East has now been launched by the building archaeology and heritage conservation unit of the Istanbul Department together with the Göbekli Tepe Project. Despite the fact that the architecture of the Near Eastern Neolithic is […]