What Does a Visitor Mean to an Archive?

Archives are primarily places where important documents are held, but they are also spaces where archivists and researchers can exchange information. For example, the research topics and questions to the archivists also mean that they become better acquainted with their own archives. In our case, at the Istanbul Department of the DAI, one such visitor was Hannelore Brucker; she came from the USA and visited us just after the pandemic. We are pleased to share her story with you here. Read More

Friday, 24.05.2024, 15:00

Ein Palast am Meer.

Der Boukoleon-Palast und seine umliegende Topographie

Dr. Alkiviadis Ginalis (Istanbul)

The event will take place on Friday, 24 May at 15:00 in German.

Meeting point is Alman Çeşmesi on Sultanahmet Meydanı).

Registration is not necessary.

Sunday, 02.06.2024, 15:30

Byzantinisches auf dem Gipfel der Burgazada:

Das Kloster Metamorphosis Christou

PD Dr. Ulrich Mania (Istanbul)

The event will take place on Sunday, 02 June at 15:30 in English and German.

Meeting point is is the Iskele of the Burgazada.

Registration is not necessary.

Enjoy the exhibition “An Archive within an Archive” in English and Turkish!

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