Capacity Building Project in Bergama

Do you think that archaeological teams only deal with conducting excavation and publishing its results?

Archaeology has become more an interdisciplinary field in the last decades. One essential aspect became the establishment of a sustainable balance between international scientific work and local social dynamics. In fact, involving the local community has taken its place in the agenda of the Pergamon Excavation. With the generous support of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, a capacity building project has been launched in 2019 and has continued in 2020, this time also with the support of stakeholders, such as Bergama Museum, Bergama Belediyesi and Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The aim of the project in the long run is to rise the sensitivity for cultural heritage and its preservation among the local population. In this scope, stonemasons are trained and roofs of historical houses are repaired. For more impressions, please see the video!

Capacity Building Project in Bergama (English Version)
Capacity Building Project in Bergama (German Version)

Secil Tezer and Ulrich Mania, DAI Istanbul