Lecture Announcement: Continuity and Transformation in the Ionic Architecture of Hierapolis of Phrygia During the Hellenistic and Imperial Period

Hierapolis of Phrygia is located in Western Anatolia in the Lycus Valley (modern Pamukkale). The city was founded by the Seleucids in the late 3rd cent. BC and had an intense urban development throughout its history. The Ionic order was an essential, long-lasting architectural language, used from the Hellenistic to the Imperial age in public […]


DAI Istanbul Spring Tours 2023

We are pleased to announce the 2023 spring tours! Prof. Dr. Felix Pirson will start with the “Highlights of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum” on Sunday, 04.06.2023 at 12:00. The meeting point is at the entrance to the Archaeological Museum. The tour will be held in German. Please bring the Müze Kart with you.

Archaeological Research More Than Digging

The View Through the Camera. Photography in Archaeology

Antique remains used to be documented through drawings and engravings or with gypsum casts and models even before archaeology became an established scientific occupation. These products of artists and travellers, although sometimes blended with fantasy, were the primary visual source of information until photography was introduced and applied in archaeology. These early documents are sources […]


Lecture Announcement: Turning Mud Into Bricks

The project Building sustainability aims to investigate Levantine Iron Age earthen architecture as a reflection of social dynamics, using the approach of analysing mudbricks as material culture. The study examines changes in architectural form and technology alongside the reconstruction of technological and social processes of earthen materials manufacture and construction in monumental public architecture in […]


Book of the Month – April 2023

In our new category Book of the Month, we would like to introduce you to a book from our library each month. We will start with the publication “…die Reste noch eindrucksvoller gestalten” und erhalten: Erfahrungen aus 150 Jahren archäologischer Denkmalpflege in der Türkei” (Katharina Steudtner, ed., Wiesbaden 2022). The book was published in the […]


Lecture Announcement: Re-Considering Hellenistic North Mesopotamia. Investigations at Girdi Matrab and in the Erbil Plain

The transition from Assyria to the Seleucids in North Mesopotamia is one of the most fascinating examples of imperial durability, manifested through phenomena of change and resilience. In this talk I will use a multi-scalar approach to explore the transformation of the settlements structure in the former Assyrian heartland from the late Iron Age to […]


Lecture is Cancelled: Luxus & Exotismus. Die Repräsentation des römischen Indienhandels im 1. – 4. Jh. n. Chr.

Unfortunately, the lecture “Luxus & Exotismus. Die Repräsentation des römischen Indienhandels im 1.-4. Jh. n. Chr.” on Thursday, 6 April 2023 has to be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding. The Indian Ocean was already in ancient times a highly frequented sailed region. From the late first century BC, Roman merchants also sent ships from […]