We have great news to share! Our MOOC is officially a Coursera MOOC, and will be held at UAB-Coursera.

This is very exciting because Coursera is the world’s largest MOOC provider growing from 37 million students in 2018 to 45 million in 2019 and with 63 million students, in June 2020. Outstanding! The platform provides 4,300 courses, 430 specialisations and 20 degrees.

Coursera was founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, computer science professors from Stanford, back in 2012. That same year was considered by the New York Times ‘the year of the MOOC‘, due to the appearance of another two platforms: edX and Udacity.

Since then the growth of the MOOC’s movement has never stopped and I believe 2020 will see the increase of MOOC students by millions, due COVID-19 and the world quarantine.

At https://www.classcentral.com/report/mooc-stats-2019/
Image from https://www.classcentral.com/report/mooc-stats-2019/

For the last 8 years, MOOCs gave the opportunity to millions of students around the world to accede knowledge provided by top Universities, teachers and researchers. Independently of your income or geographic location, if you have a smartphone and an internet connection you are on!

It’s an honour to be part of this movement of democratization of knowledge with our MOOC on African Archaeology and Heritage!