Report of the ‘Connecting Foodways’ project on 2019s work in Sudan

PAPER – Project 2 – Connecting Foodways

U. Nowotnick/S. Matthews, Meroe, Sudan. Connecting Foodways. Ein neues Projekt zu Esstraditionen in Nordost-Afrika und ihren kulturellen Verflechtungen, in: e-Forschungsbericht des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts 1, 2020, 78-84.

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Abstract (source: Nowotnick/Matthews 2020):

Focusing on past culinary practices, the “Connecting Foodways” project explores cross-cultural connections and technological transmission between the Middle Nile Valley and central and eastern Africa during the early Iron Age (ca. 1000 BC – 1000 AD). It is one of twelve projects of the DFG Priority Program “Entangled Africa” (SPP 2143), which explores inner-African relations and thereby develops new perspectives for joint archaeological research in Africa.

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