FAIR.rdm at the CAA .DE 2023

Attribution & Copyright: M. Lammers

Fair.rdm at the CAA .DE 2023

The annual conference of the Computer Applications in Archaeology, Section Germany (CAA DE) took place in the magnificent Toskana Hall of the Würzburg Residence on 14 and 15 September. The FAIR.rdm project was represented there with two short lectures.

In a presentation conceived by the project team, Lukas Lammers spoke about the challenge of cross-repository data integration. As SPP2143 approaches the final years of its funding period, it is becoming apparent that the technological heterogeneity of the iDAI.world makes it difficult to meet the projects’ needs for data integration and for subject-specific repositories. This particularly affects the research projects with a natural science focus. The fragmentation of data from SPP2143 into the different repositories is a major challenge. How it could be solved, for example with the help of overarching platforms such as the ARIADNEplus portal, was put up for discussion at the end of the presentation.

In the second short lecture on iDAI.Chronontology, Eymard Fäder first presented the main features of this standard data system for periods. He explained in more detail how the FAIR.rdm project and SPP2143 have contributed significantly to the further development and enrichment of the data and can continue to do so. Special attention was given to the import process and the curation of data. The results of the (In)VisibleWomen working group were used as an example to show how the system is suitable for displaying different chronology concepts side by side.

Both presentations were met with great interest and very positive feedback from the audience.

Lukas Lammers & Eymard Fäder

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