The Selinos River in Pergamon. Investigating the Relations Between Urban Development, the Alteration of Natural Space and Changing River Dynamics

The Selinos River, now known as Bergama Çayı, plays a significant role in shaping the urban landscape of the city. This was highlighted at the annual TransPergMicro workshop, where the relationship between urban development, changes in natural space, and the river’s dynamics were analysed and discussed. The initial findings, presented in this blog post, will be incorporated into a TransPergMicro sub-project.

Alluvial fans and ‘chocolate bars’: Unveiling the sedimentary archives of the Pergamon Micro-Region

In exploring sedimentary profiles obtained by vibra-coring in the Bakırçay plain, our interdisciplinary fieldwork investigates the development of alluvial fans in the Pergamon micro-region. We aim to uncover the intricate interplay between sediment dynamics and historical settlement patterns. At the same time, our study of ‘chocolate bars’ provides insights into ancient pottery production and highlights the relationship between human activity and the landscape in the Pergamon Micro-Region.

Temple, Villa, or…? A Rural Site in the Pergamon Micro-Region

The Sultan Tepe site, discovered in 2009 and revisited in 2019 and 2020, near Pergamon reveals intriguing findings. The non-invasive survey suggests a complex history: a potential villa with a courtyard, a sanctuary, or even a mansio. Geophysical data points to a 175 x 100 m structure, possibly a villa. Pottery spans late Hellenistic to Byzantine periods. Despite uncertainties, this interdisciplinary approach offers valuable insights into the region’s historical development. The full study will be in ‘Istanbuler Mitteilungen.’

New article explores Holocene geomorphodynamics in a long-term settled mountain catchment in the Pergamon Micro-Region

The article, titled “Mid- to Late Holocene geomorphodynamics in a long-term settled mountain catchment in the Pergamon micro-region, western Turkey,” investigates the impact of climate change and human activity on the rural settlement patterns and geomorphodynamics in the Tekkedere valley during the last 6000 years. It is the first detailed study to address this issue using alluvial sediments from a long-term settled valley in the hinterland of Pergamon, a major ancient city in western Turkey.

3rd annual TransPergMicro meeting in Berlin (Jan, 13 and 14, 2023)

The thematic focus of this year’s meeting is on modelling.
Besides two keynote lectures from external guests, members of TransPergMicro will present their latest ideas and results on modelling, covering different ways of modelling and various resources.
In two breakout sessions, we will discuss general aspects of modelling in an interdisciplinary group of researchers, including different interpretations of the term modelling and the next steps of modelling in the Pergamon Micro-Region.