Introducing Children the Cultural Heritage of Bergama

7 years ago today, 22nd June 2014, Bergama and its multi-layered cultural landscape was inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. 

Photo: Mehmet Osman Çetiner, ©UNESCO Bergama

Last Sunday, an event for children was organised by the UNESCO office of Bergama Municipality, entitled “Insanliga Miras, Cocuklara Emanet Bergama” to attract the attention of children to the heritage values of their city. The children discussed in advance, what heritage means to them and created messages. Later, they flew kites and sent greetings to the children of other world heritage sites. 

Photo: Mehmet Osman Çetiner, ©UNESCO Bergama

We are pleased to have been part of the organization of this cheerful event and we thank @unescobergama @bergamabelediyesi @berksav1989 @bersevturder and all other participant partners.

Text: Seçil Tezer Altay

Frontimage: İzzet Çakmak, ©UNESCO Bergama