Fieldwork starts at Ḫattuša/Boğazköy

In Ḫattuša/Boğazköy, the excavation season has started.  In order to record the history and development of the town, excavation focuses on the Karum and Hittite Periods in the Northern Lower City. In addition, we are also investigating the Roman structures of a military camp and a presumed bathing complex.

DAI-IST Ḫattuša/ Boğazköy Excavation 2021, Dominique Krüger

DAI-IST Ḫattuša/ Boğazköy Excavation 2021, Agit Şaşkara

Furthermore, restoration work will be carried out in the residence of GAL.MEŠEDI in the Upper City, the Hittite palace on the northern tip of the Büyükkale, and the residential area in the Lower City.