Book of the Month – May 2023

The book we would like to introduce this month is fresh from the press “Kirkbride at Çatalhöyük: The Çatalhöyük slides of Diana Kirkbride-Helbaek from 1963 (ed. by Moritz Kinzel)”. It contains many photographs of Çatalhöyük reliefs and wall paintings, some of which we have only known from drawings. It is well known that some of these drawings were later questioned because of the reconstructions and interpretations by James Mellaart. In addition to the photographs, the book also contains Diana Kirkbride-Helbaek’s correspondence with Seton Lloyd and James Mellaart about her hypothetical undertaking the excavation of Çatalhöyük in 1966.

We would be glad if you would visit our library for this book from the Diana Kirkbride-Helbaek archive, which emphasises the importance of publishing personal archives for a better understanding of excavation histories.