Call for Papers: Amphoras and the Archaeology of Ancient Economies (8th through 1st centuries BC). Mobilizing Knowledge in a New Generation

Research on transport amphoras is a major subject of interest in the field of pottery studies due to their role in ancient trade and economy. In recent decades, their production, distribution, and consumption throughout the Mediterranean have drawn considerable attention, leading to new research questions prompted by the increasing number of publications.

The forthcoming conference, “Amphoras and the Archaeology of Ancient Economies (8th through 1st centuries BC): Mobilizing Knowledge in a New Generation,” is part of a series of conferences designed to bring researchers together to share new discoveries, address broader longstanding issues, and explore new paths for future studies.

Graphic: Berslan Korkut

This conference is the first of three planned to highlight new research programs and address emerging issues in each region. Each meeting foregrounds themes and topics emerging from amphora research in the region while also addressing broader issues of method, theory, and analysis. The conferences will be held in Istanbul, Rome, and Thessaloniki, with the first one taking place in Istanbul from November 12-15, 2024.

To submit proposals, please complete the Google Forms document, including a title and abstract (no more than 250 words), by June 15, 2024.

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