Call for Papers: Archaeo-Informatics 2024 “Use and Challenges of AI in Archaeology”

Artificial Intelligence is going to change, or has already changed, many areas of archaeological research. Keywords related to archaeology and AI are data management, big data, automatic classification of artefact analyses, or robotics in the field. Methods and tasks that are already in daily use in archaeological projects.

But with all the potential, this technology also has a huge responsibility, especially in terms of data quality, complexity of interpretation, ethics and education. Where should we draw the line?

The Istanbul Department of the German Archaeological Institute, the Department of Settlement Archaeology of the Middle East Technical University and the British Institute of Ankara are jointly organising the 2nd Archaeo-Informatics Conference on “Use and Challenges of AI in Archaeology”.

We invite you to join us in deliberating the uses and challenges of artificial intelligence in archaeology. We welcome papers on topics about the application of AI in archaeological projects and research, fieldwork, and training archaeologists.

The conference (planned as a hybrid meeting) will take place on 25 – 26 November 2024 at the Department of Settlement Archaeology of the Middle East Technical University, in Ankara.

Please send your abstract (max. 200 words) by 31.07.2024 to


Archaeo-Informatics 2024: Use and Challenges of AI in Archaeology