Publication: Wasser für Gala Abu Ahmed

PAPER – Project 3 – InterLINK

J. Eger-Karberg/T. Karberg, Wasser für Gala Abu Ahmed. Ein Paläo-Drainagesystem zwischen Jebel Nagaschusch und Wadi Howar (Sudan) im Radar-Satellitenbild, Der Antike Sudan 32, 2021, 99-108

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Abstract (Eger-Karberg/Karberg 2021):

The analysis of spaceborn radar data from different satellite systems workinng in the X- ans C-band resulted in the discovery of some palaeo-drainage systems leading from the Jebel Nagashush northwards to the lower Wadi Howar. they seem to be topographically correlated to the area of the fortress of Gala Abu Ahmed. Despite the fact that these palaer-wadis seem to be inactive today, and their absolte date can so far not be detemined, is seems likely that in former times they contributed to the ecologically favoured zone which was controlles by the fortress of Gala Abu Ahmed.

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