„Projects of Influence Award 2020“ for the Stewards of Cultural Heritage

Best of Heritage awarded the project for its successful and innovative concept

We are proud to announce that our “Stewards of Cultural Heritage” project has been awarded second place in the “Project of Influence” 2020 by The Best in Heritage. The project “Stewards of Cultural Heritage” (SoCH) is part of the “Stunde Null” Project, an initiative of the Archaeological Heritage Network (ArcHerNEt) supported by the German Foreign Office. “Stewards of Cultural Heritage” is dedicated to the further education of Syrian colleagues living in Turkey in the areas of cultural preservation and monument conservation. These experts are not only trained for a possible return to Syria but also for a future in Turkey. The project, based at the Istanbul Department of the German Archaeological Institute, is also supported by Gerda Henkel Stiftung. The first five participants are now active as trainers in the program itself.