Lecture Announcement: Visualising Heritage Narratives

Online Lecture Visualising Heritage Narratives Thursday, 1. April 2021, 18:00 (17:00 CET).

It is often considered that heritage exists just by itself. However, without a narrative, which needs to be re-told to be remembered it would disappear unnoticed. Archaeological fieldwork and research forms often the basis for any heritage narrative to promote and as well to protect the physical remains. Which narratives and concepts do we present on archaeological sites? What story does a ruin tell? How to turn it into a convincing conservation concept?
Conservation practices in archaeological sites are often regarded as securing or maintaining ancient remains, following scientific excavations that uncovered them. One important aspect however is the presentation of ruins in a didactic way, that requires a different approach. How can the data obtained thanks to the archaeological research be narrated to the public in the most convenient way?
Archaeological experiments play an important role in the reconstruction of technologies, objects and structures. They yield data for the understanding of people’s lives in the past. Especially in a
public environment like an archaeological site or an open-air museum, they also build bridges from the expert to the visitors in visualizing heritage narratives. Moreover, an involvement of the public via ‘living history’ events or ‘citizen science’ can generate additional benefit.
Graphical works play an important role to convey archaeological research results. Images have a powerful impact on the perception of archaeological heritage. So, how to use graphics in an appropriate way? How to convene archaeological records into understandable and accessible media? We will present and discuss different approaches to visualise archaeological research and heritage narratives.


Didactic heritage conservation
(Seçil Tezer Altay, MA, Istanbul)

Experimental archaeology
(Dr. Jürgen Seeher, Istanbul)

Graphic outreach
(Dr.-Ing. Moritz Kinzel, Istanbul)


Registration link: https://dainst-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0tc-6trDsiE9eblNEznEu71Z_BqV_eh225