Highway to Science! Scientific Archaeology in Turkey

From 28.02. – 06.03.2022 a workshop and training program in Environmental Archaeology will take place, with online lectures in Archaeological Science and practical courses in Archaeobotany (macro-remains and micro-remains), and Physical Anthropology to be held in Gaziantep/Turkey. The course will provide students with an introductory comprehension of some of the key sub-disciplines of bioarchaeology and environmental sciences.

Graphic: DAI Orient Department

This theoretical and methodological background will be supported by case studies and examples of how, where, and why different methods and techniques can be applied to answer archaeological research questions related to past human life and human-environment interactions in Anatolia. The practical training aspect will provide hands-on experience and knowledge transfer so that students can gain skills applicable to fieldwork and research projects.

More information about the workshop and the registration conditions can be found under the following download (in English, Turkish and German) or on the workshop website: