Archaeological Research – More Than Digging

When visiting one of our archaeological sites like Ḫattuša-Boğazköy, Göbekli Tepe, or Pergamon-Bergama, you might be lucky enough to encounter our archaeologists in their “natural environment”. With spade, trowel or brush in hand, they remove earth and dust from the remains of ancient cultures. But… is it only archaeologists that work on archaeological excavations? Who studies, for example, the human and animal remains or the pottery? Which research methods are used? How did we even know that we should excavate at this very spot? And… who takes care of the preservation of the excavated finds and buildings?

Graphic: M. Kinzel

With this in mind, in our new series Archaeological Research – More than Digging we will be introducing you to disciplines that are part of archaeological science, but which are not always in the spotlight. Starting next week, once a month we will be highlighting a different field from archaeological research.

We hope you enjoy the reading!