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‘Entangled Africa’ Coordinator co-organizes EAA session 402

Environmental change either as a result of human impact or climate change has a long history in the Nile valley. From the much discussed Old Kingdom collapse to a variety of apparently catastrophic events and more nuanced incremental change, the archaeological record, with unique information from organic remains, resulting from optimal preservation, provides a detailed body of data. [...]
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The young scientists of the SPP ‘Entangled Africa’

They are entrusted with routine work or are working on their academic degrees; you can find them in laboratories, on excavations and in the library: the young scientists of the SPP “Entangled Africa” are an essential part of the projects. The program offers them the opportunity to gain insight into methods of the diverse scientific disciplines, to exchange ideas across continents, educational backgrounds and educational levels. [...]
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Entangled Africa and climate change in the past

Global climate change has been a central topic of worldwide politics and public opinion in recent years. The “Fridays for Future” movement brings the younger generation onto the streets to underline the issue. The current pandemic is hopefully used as an opportunity to overcome the economic crisis that has arisen by providing targeted support for climate-neutral projects. And even the awarding of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to United Nations World Food Programme is linked to this event. [...]
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Wavy Line and Herringbone

Ceramic processing must be flexible, able to adapt to the conditions of excavation and object. At the same time, the records of those working on this find genre from different regions should be comparable. Done to speed up and standardize the ceramic recording on site, the elaboration of the catalogue was successfully completed. [...]
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SPP ‘Entangled Africa’ and – A digital connection of time and space

The project on research data management (RDM) and the coordination of the priority program “Entangled Africa” (SPP2143) pursue a virtual exchange with specialists from the Department of Scientific Information Technology (Scientific IT) of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), to create new tools for the scientific discourse of all of the program’s projects on the temporal and spatial networking of the inhabitants of North Africa. [...]
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Pottery – The Devil is in the Detail

Object of the discourse was the range of various forms of decoration and techniques that have been listed in the individual ceramic assortments of the projects. The projects of the scientists are located in Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia and in the area of the Middle Niger in West Africa. [...]
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Entangled Africa – networked in virtual space!

Initiated and organized by Friederike Jesse (Project 1) and Ulrike Nowotnick (Project 2), numerous representatives of our projects met for the SPP2143 on June 4th via conference call to exchange information about ceramic finds, their sorting and documentation. [...]
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Two networks – one goal

The DFG Priority Programme (SPP) 2143: Entangled Africa and the TransArea Network Africa (TANA) have set themselves the task of illuminating Africa's history and integrating it into the knowledge network of the old world. [...]
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