New Publication: Micro-Regions as Spaces of Socio-Ecological Interaction

The growing awareness of the current climate crisis has led to an increased interest in the investigation of historical human-environment interactions. In this context, the micro region has proven to be a significant category for ecological, socio-economic and cultural analyses. Within the framework of the micro-region, it is possible to reconstruct complex socio-ecological systems. The present volume offers a collection of papers held in 2022 at a workshop organized by the project »The Transformation of the Pergamon Micro Region between the Hellenistic and the Roman Imperial Period«. The interdisciplinary contributions reflect on micro regions as spaces of socio-ecological interaction on a theoretical, methodological and empirical level. They convey the current state of knowledge for various regions of the Mediterranean and reveal perspectives for future research.

Micro-Regions as Spaces of Socio-Ecological Interaction: 1st Milestone Workshop of the Project »The Transformation of the Pergamon Micro-Region between the Hellenistic and the Roman Imperial Period«. Istanbul, 11–12 March 2022

Felix Pirson, Brigitta Schütt, Thekla Schulz (eds.)

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Foreword by the Editors
Felix Pirson, Brigitta Schütt, Thekla Schulz

Introduction: Micro-Region and Social Ecology
Felix Pirson, Brigitta Schütt, Thekla Schulz, Güler Ateş, Daniel Knitter, Ulrich Mania

From Micro- to Macro-Region. Theory and Case-Studies from the Greco-Roman Mediterranean
John Bintliff

Modelling Socio-Ecological Systems in Archaeology. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Concept of ›Micro-Region‹
Dries Daems, Felix Pirson

How much was needed? Modelling Small Scale Economic Flows of Resources and Labor in the Pergamon Micro-Region
Julian Laabs, Daniel Knitter

›Known Unknowns‹ – The Micro-Region Pergamon and the Written Sources
Andreas Victor Walser, Ursula Kunnert

Internal Conficts in Roman-Era Greek Cities
Arjan Zuiderhoek

Studying Coastal Resources and Resource Control in the Context of Early State Formation on the Tyrrhenian Coast (Italy)
Peter Attema, Luca Alessandri, Francesca Bulian, Jan Sevink

Micro-Regions in the Central Mediterranean. Settlement Systems, Nature and Environment in Greco-Roman Sicily
Johannes Bergemann

Resilience of Rural Cultural Landscapes in the Urla–Çeşme Peninsula
Elif Koparal, Volkan Demirciler

The World, My Village. Structuring Thoughts on Agriculture and Pastoralism in Southwest Anatolia in Roman Imperial Times
Jeroen Poblome, Ralf Vandam

Quarries, Monuments and Benefactors. The Connectivity of Natural Resources, Building Activities and Society in Roman Aphrodisias
Ursula Quatember

How Many Micro-Regions in Rural Petra? Current Approaches to Researching Social Landscapes in the Hinterland of Petra, Jordan
Will Kennedy

The Socio-Ecological Model of the Pergamon Micro-Region from a Geoarchaeological Perspective
How to Integrate Geomorphodynamics?
Fabian Becker, Xun Yang, Brigitta Schütt, Mehmet Doğan

Demography and Living Conditions in the Lower City of Roman Pergamon. A Survey of Socio-Ecological Interaction in the Pergamon Micro-Region
Wolf-Rüdiger Teegen, Turhan Doğan

The Rural Landscape of the Pergamon Micro-Region as Space of Socio-Ecological Interaction. The Archaeological Perspective
Felix Pirson, Bernhard Ludwig, Güler Ateş, Zeki Mete Aksan

Construction in Imperial Asia Minor and in Pergamon. Building as a Source of Understanding Economy, Society, Technology and Ecology
Ulrich Mania

Large-scale Buildings of the Imperial Period in Pergamon. Land and Material Consumption
Thekla Schulz, Léa Geisler, İhsan Yeneroğlu

Urban Economic Spaces in the Pergamon Micro-Region. Economic Activities and Functions in the Context of Socio-Ecological Developments
Sandra Völkel

The Pitane Survey (2019–2021). The Manufacture of Terra Sigillata/Red Slip Ware within a Regional Socio-Ecological Context
Philip Bes, Anneke Keweloh-Kaletta

Conclusions and Perspectives
Felix Pirson


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