Workshop Announcement / Call for Papers: Earthquakes and Archaeology

As the Istanbul Department of the German Archaeological Institute, we are pleased to inform you on behalf of our workshop which will focus on Archaeoseismology.

The workshop will be held on 19-20 August in Pergamon / Bergama. The event will aim to create awareness around the generic theme of archaeological sites in potential seismic danger and delve into related sub-topics of technical nature, some of which are:

  • Anti-seismic anastylosis techniques
  • Possible operational models to be adopted in archaeological sites, for earthquake damage minimization (pre-, during, and post-disaster)
  • Detection of earthquake-related damages (EAE) already present on sites (specific tours in the ancient city of Pergamon will take place)
  • Geophysical characteristics of the region and the immediate zone, with reference to their relationship of the seismic dynamics of the area around Pergamon
  • Non-invasive structural health assessment and diagnostic technologies used for built heritage and their utility in precisely simulating earthquake effects

Graphic: DAI-IST

A team of archaeologists, structural & geophysical engineers, conservators, architects, and more are expected to participate in the workshop, further adding to the multidisciplinary atmosphere that will develop around the mentioned subject matters.

The seminar will take place as a physical meeting that consists of lectures and site visits that focus on structural issues

Technical tours in Pergamon and adjacent sites with particular attention to the analysis of the damage(s) left by past seismic events, precedent reconstruction and/or consolidation operations, and the assessment of possible risks with regards to future quakes, guided by experts, will take place. We highly encourage archaeological excavation teams from Türkiye that are available on the said dates, to participate in the event.

Please note that apart from those of lecturers, travel and accommodation costs cannot be covered by the workshop organiser.

This workshop announcement is also a Call for Papers, we would like to invite you to join us in deliberating the challenges of Archaeoseismology. We will consider to include contributions on aspects from all the areas mentioned above.

The application deadline for lecturers will be 10th of August.

Abstracts should not be longer than 200 words

For abstracts as well as registration and further information, please write to