D-DAI-IST-9519 - Ausschnitt
Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month – May 2021

D-DAI-IST-9519, Sébah&Joaillier (around 1900) With our Series of the Monthly Photo, we would like to draw your attention to a book entitled Istanbuler Alltag im 19. Jahrhundert created by Renate Schiele and Wolfgang Müller-Wiener. This publications includes some 100 photographs, selected from our own archives and with added texts, showing scenes of daily life in […]

Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month – April 2021

D-DAI-IST-NPN-007-Flora-00004, P. Neve A spring photograph from our archive for the monthly series! Archaeologists who excavated a century or so ago would surely be surprised if they could see today’s excavation techniques and, in particular, how the philosophy behind archaeology has changed. Meanwhile, there are numerous archaeological sciences, one of which is archaeobotany (the study […]