The Göbekli Tepe Archaeological Project of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI – external link) is part of the interdisciplinary long-term project “The Prehistoric Societies of Upper Mesopotamia and their Subsistence” [external link] funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG – external Link). Excavations and research are conducted by the Orient and Istanbul Departments of the DAI in close cooperation with the University of Istanbul and the Şanlıurfa Haleplibahçe Museum [external link] and with permission and support by the General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism [external link]. In 2020, the directorship of Göbekli Tepe passed from the Şanlıurfa Haleplibahçe Museum to Prof. Necmi Karul (University of Istanbul). In addition to Göbekli Tepe, Prof. Dr. Karul is also director of the Early Neolithic site (T-pillar site) of Karahantepe. As of 2021 both sites are components of the Tas Tepeler project that is focussing on the research of several further Early Neolithic sites in the Şanlıurfa region.

Head of DFG ProjectDr. Lee Clare (DAI, Istanbul Department)

Research Staff (DFG-Archaeology): Thore Hübert M.A. (DAI, Orient Department), Shabnam Moshfegh Nia M.A. (DAI, Orient Department), Kate Nolan (DAI, Orient Department), Dr. Birgül Ögüt (DAI, Orient Department), Dr. Jonas Breuers (DAI, Orient Department), Devrim Sönmez M.A. (DAI, Istanbul Department), Onur Torun M.Sc. (DAI, Istanbul Department)

Heritage: Dr. Lee Clare (DAI, Istanbul Department), Dr. Ing. Moritz Kinzel  (DAI, Istanbul Department)

Göbekli Tepe Site Director: Prof. Dr. Necmi Karul (Istanbul University)