The archaeological site is located about 15 km NE of the provincial capital Şanlıurfa. Turkish Airlines operates daily flights from Istanbul and Ankara.

Göbekli Tepe is best reached by car or bus; there is also a bus service that connects the city centre with the archaeological site. If you are not using a rental car, a taxi is an affordable alternative; enquire about the price before you embark.  Guided tours are available through many travel operators.

Please note that we can not offer any advice on the current security situation. Contact your embassy or other appropriate authorities before planning a visit. For German visitors, we highly recommend that you consult the “Reise- und Sicherheitshinweise“ provided by the Auswärtiges Amt [external link].

Meanwhile, the Göbekli Tepe archaeological site features a ticket shop, a visitor centre, a souvenir shop and a café, all of which are located at the main entrance to the site. There is an entrance fee for the visitor centre and the site. A shuttle bus service (included in the entrance price) takes visitors from the main entrance to the monument; alternatively, guests are also welcome to walk the one-kilometre-long path to the site. The tour around Göbekli Tepe follows a set route along a wooden walkway; visitors should remain on this path at all times. It is not possible to enter the monument or the surrounding excavation trenches. This is not only to protect the fragile archaeological remains but also for your own safety. Please note that the site is under constant video surveillance.

Turkey has very rigid laws (prison sentences of up to ten years) for illegally exporting archaeological artefacts. A very wide definition of “artefact” applies. We ask visitors not to collect or move any artefacts found during their stay, also out of respect for the site.

Scientific work is only possible with the prior permission of the excavation director and the Turkish authorities (Turkish Ministry of Culture).