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The seated figurine from Göbekli Tepe (copyright DAI, Photo N. Becker).


  1. olle jager

    Lampwick holder?

    • Oliver

      Don’t think so personally, there are other artefacts that could be lamps.

  2. F.R. Van de Carr M.D.

    Remarkable use of two stone phases to depict a robe or blanket.fine detail on baby’s face.
    details like the rod and fiber holding band for baby, and suggestions of secondary micro art all indicate a practiced artist.

    • Cliff

      The Band or Tie indicates that “the two are bound together.” The small figure is probably not a human child but rather a Bear, “the one that arises from death (hibernation)”, a rebirth, – a metaphorical, “child of the Female-earth” that the Female figure represents. If one looks closely at the Total Form of the Figure (to the right in the photograph), one can see that its total shape is of an Egg with a small Bird sitting on top of it. The Bird appears to be coming out of the Mouth of a Serpent. The Egg represents, “the one who will emerge.” The small Bird, a Fledgling, indicates, “the one who will fly.” The Serpent represents, “a stream or current of water”, and it Mouth represents, “a water source”, such as a spring site. One can also see the Eye of the Serpent that represents, “the Eye of the Sun”, or “Venus.” Thus Venus is a child of the Earth and because of this they are bound together. This cosmological conceptualization is found paraphrased in a great many ancient compositions that are far older than Gobekli Tepe.

      There may have been two Bears in the composition, indicating on the left and right sides of the earth. In gesture signing the Left indicates, “the east” while the Right indicates, “the west.” Thus Venus arising on the sides of the earth, in the east and in the west. Such ancient compositions are based in a transposition of gesture signing into a depicted form of sign language.

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