Double the Knowledge: TransPergMicro Announces Two New Publications

We are pleased to announce the release of two new publications that showcase the latest findings and research conducted by our team.

The first publication, titled “Pergamon – Die Arbeiten in der Kampagne 2021 (Pergamon – The Projects of the 2021 Campaign),” by multiple authors details the projects undertaken by the Pergamon Excavation and the TransPergMicro Project in 2021. The findings are extensive and provide valuable insights into the urban development of the ancient city. Among the notable discoveries are the dating of the “Goths’ Wall” to the 3rd century CE, the documentation of an imperial-period peristyle building, and surprising findings on the origin and structure of the amphitheater and theater. The survey in the micro-region also yielded exciting results, including the discovery of a presumed Achaemenid dynastic residence and several settlement sites.

iDAI.publications: Pergamon – Die Arbeiten in der Kampagne 2021

The second publication, “A Landscape of Surveillance: Investigating Hellenistic Fortifications and Potential Networks of Interaction in the Pergamon Micro-Region,” by Bernhard Ludwig, Daniel Knitter, and Christina Williamson presents a comprehensive means of assessing degrees of surveillance and control of a territory in the Pergamon Micro-Region under the Attalid dynasty. The study focuses on the deployment of rural fortifications to monitor, control, and access areas of economic, strategic, and military importance. The results provide valuable insights into Pergamon’s strategic position as a regional center of power and communication and how it integrated prominent locations into a system of defense. To encourage further research and analysis, the authors have made the developed code of the analyses available alongside the study, making their assumptions and decisions transparent and reproducible.

iDAI.publications: A Landscape of Surveillance. Investigating Hellenistic Fortifications and Potential Networks of Interaction in the Pergamon Micro-Region

iDAI.repo: A Landscape of Surveillance_code and data

We appreciate your interest in these two publications and look forward to continued research and discoveries in the future.

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