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Visitors back at the ruins again.

According recent media reports [external link] the Şanlıurfa Haleplibahçe Museum and the municipality of Şanlıurfa, which are responsible for the archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe, have now enabled visitor access to the prehistoric ruins again.

For further information please refer to the Archaeological Museum in Şanlıurfa [external link].


  1. Kenneth Clark

    sir – your telegram on gobekli tepe makes my morning . ty . ken c.

  2. Kurt Frank

    Guten Morgen,

    endlich gibt es wieder die Möglichkeit, das Wunder Göbekli Tepe zu besuchen. Wir sind dabei. Beste Grüße aus Wien, Kurt

  3. Tom Lawson

    In comments on your November 28 post, you answered my question about “G”, “H”, and “O” pictograms or ideograms at GT. Besides the bucranium, have any other pictograms been found?

    • Tom Lawson

      Jens — I mean “C”, “H”, and “O”.


    • Jens

      The complex PPN iconography is still topic of further analyses and discussion. However, an overview on the current state of this discussion may be gained in e.g.:

      Ludwig D. Morenz: Medienevolution und die Gewinnung neuer Denkräume. Das frühneolithische Zeichensystem (10./9. Jt. v. Chr.) und seine Folgen, Studia Euphratica, Bd. 1, EB-Verlag Berlin.

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