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You haven’t been hearing much from us lately. The reason was the catastrophic earthquake and the heavy rainfall event shortly afterwards in Şanlıurfa this year, which cuased immense suffering in the region. We didn’t feel that posting regular updates on latest results on Göbekli Tepe would have been important enough during this bad time. Now that some time has passed we decided to post new content on our blog again. The next post will go online soon. So stay tuned.

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  1. Terry Moran

    I think it’s entirely appropriate to place the people of sanliurfa first in face of these disasters. God bless.
    As to your blog, I’m not sure you realize how eagerly many of your followers await the continuation of your website. The “garbage laddened tsunami of raw data ” available on the internet concerning this time period is maddening to say the lest. To hear directly from you guys is a breath of fresh air. Please, please continue. 🙏

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