Archäologie Weltweit Sonderausgabe 2021

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Archäologie Weltweit Sonderausgabe 2021


Archaeology Worldwide, the magazine of the German Archaeological Institute, addresses the general public. It offers a biannual report on DAI activities, contains stories on how archaeology solves ancient riddles, and explains how archaeological findings can be used to understand our present and future – often with surprising results.

The 2021 special issue presents Groundcheck – unlocking climate archives, understanding climate change, developing strategies for the future.

As part of the Groundcheck research program, the DAI and its international partners are tapping into important climate archives to model climatic changes and their local impacts. The Groundcheck aims to reconstruct the locally very different effects of climatic changes in great temporal depth, to trace the adaptation processes as well as to make the loss of regional habitats understandable.

The special issue is available in German here.

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