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Blogs of the German Archaeological Institute

This is the blog portal of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), one of the world’s biggest archaeological research institutes. It has facilities at 20 locations around the world and is involved in over 300 international projects.

In the DAI blogs the institute’s researchers blog about the latest results of their research and current debates, give tips about events or reading recommendations. The research blog portal consists of several categories with different thematic focuses. In these blogs authors write in German and English about ongoing research activities in our host countries or research projects.

You can find a list of all blogs under „Blogs“ on the navigation bar (top). The newest posts from all blogs are shown together on the blog portal’s homepage.

If you are interested in other DAI projects, visit our website (www.dainst.org), read our magazine Archaeology Worldwide or our e-research reports which are accessible online and free of charge here: https://www.dainst.org/publikationen/e-publikationen

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