Lecture Announcement

Lecture Announcement: As part of the conference „Phrygia. Between the East and the West“, organised by the University of Pavia and New York University, Güler Ateş and Felix Pirson will give a talk on „Meter-Kybele in the Pergamon Micro-Region“ on Saturday, 9th April 2022.
The event will be streamed on the Save Ancient Studies Alliance and Digital Hammurabi’s YouTube Channels.


From the Fields to the Depots: The Pitane Survey in 2021

Following two years (2019 and 2020) of intensive field survey at Çandarlı (ancient Pitane), which was completed in 2020, this year’s research focus was fully devoted to the study of the artefacts we have collected. We did visit Çandarlı on two occasions, not for more artefact collection, but to verify and discuss some of our observations, as well as to show the research area to our new team members.


Approaching the environmental and social carrying capacity of the Pergamon Micro-Region

New paper published! In collaboration between colleagues from the TransPergMicro project and the Collaborative Research Centre 1266, we approached the social ecology of the ancient Pergamon Micro-Region to assess its environmental and social carrying capacity and to gain insights into the transformative potential of land use strategies under changing populations.