Explore the surroundings of Pergamon from home

Das Theater von Pergamon

Whether researcher, PhD candidate or student: all of us currently have to work in #homeoffice due to the worldwide spread of the corona virus. Within the DAI Istanbul’s Pergamon project we can use the digital infrastructure of the DAI and continue to exchange our research data. New forms of joint communication are established. Due to the closed libraries some institutions already provide their online services for free and scientists upload their books and articles to platforms like Academia or Researchgate. Thanks to all these efforts, work on the “Transformation of the Pergamon Micro-Region between Hellenism and the Roman Imperial Period” can continue despite the difficult situation and we will continue to inform you about new results, upcoming events and publications on the Blog „TransPergMikro“!

Until then we would like to invite you to explore the surroundings of Pergamon from your PC. You can use the following link to view 360° panoramas of some sites in the surroundings of Pergamon.

Click here to start the journey!

The photos were already made in 2011 by Thomas Zimmermann as part of the project “Die Chora von Pergamon”, which was led by Martin Zimmermann (LMU Munich) and realized on site with the help of the DAI’s Pergamon excavation. It was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the DFG-SPP1209 “Die hellenistische Polis als Lebensform”. The results of this project form an important basis for our current research in the area around Pergamon.

Information on the website of the LMU Munich (Martin Zimmermann)

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