New Publication: Micro-Regions as Spaces of Socio-Ecological Interaction

The publication offers a collection of papers held in 2022 at a workshop organized by the DFG-funded TransPergMicro project. The interdisciplinary contributions reflect on micro-regions as spaces of socio-ecological interaction on a theoretical, methodological and empirical level. They convey the current state of knowledge for various regions of the Mediterranean and reveal perspectives for future research.


Lost and Found in an Altered Landscape: Uncovering Ancient Sites in the Eastern Pergamon Micro-Region – A Survey Report

The Archaeological Survey in the Pergamon Micro-Region often takes us to places where history and present collide. This was especially true during this year’s survey. As part of the TransPergMicro project, the survey team explored the eastern lower plain of the Bakırçay river (ancient Kaikos) and the southern Madra Dağı Mountains around ancient Parthenion – an ancient landscape that has been affected by massive land consolidation, the construction of dams and quarrying activities in recent decades. Nevertheless, we were able to make many new discoveries and after 6 weeks of fieldwork we can tell a story of transformation and rediscovery. Here are first glimpses of our newly uncovered sites and preliminary results.


New article explores Holocene geomorphodynamics in a long-term settled mountain catchment in the Pergamon Micro-Region

The article, titled „Mid- to Late Holocene geomorphodynamics in a long-term settled mountain catchment in the Pergamon micro-region, western Turkey,“ investigates the impact of climate change and human activity on the rural settlement patterns and geomorphodynamics in the Tekkedere valley during the last 6000 years. It is the first detailed study to address this issue using alluvial sediments from a long-term settled valley in the hinterland of Pergamon, a major ancient city in western Turkey.


3rd annual TransPergMicro meeting in Berlin (Jan, 13 and 14, 2023)

The thematic focus of this year’s meeting is on modelling.
Besides two keynote lectures from external guests, members of TransPergMicro will present their latest ideas and results on modelling, covering different ways of modelling and various resources.
In two breakout sessions, we will discuss general aspects of modelling in an interdisciplinary group of researchers, including different interpretations of the term modelling and the next steps of modelling in the Pergamon Micro-Region.


Conference Announcement

The Istanbul Department of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and the Department of Settlement Archaeology of the Middle East Technical University (METU) are organising a conference on “Archaeo-Informatics: Challenges in Digital Archaeology”. The event, to be held von 23.-25. November 2022 will focus on Digital Documentation and Documentation Standards in Archaeology, Digital Data Analysis and Archiving, and Digital Data Publication.


Of Ancient Dynasts, Border Guards and Potters – The 2021 Survey in the Pergamon Micro-Region

Since 2019, a German-Turkish team of the DFG-funded TransPergMikro project on the “Transformation of the Pergamon Micro-Region between Hellenism and the Roman Imperial Period” has been investigating selected areas in the vicinity of Pergamon. This year, the team focused mainly on the transition zone between the eastern foothills of the Kara Dağı (Kane) peninsula and the western lower Bakırçay (Kaikos) plain.